Reveiwing the “Specialness” Only

We’ve spent a long time seeking out things that are a little bit special. Special materials & construction usually cost a little more, but they are the things that over time we come to love & hold on to. For us, high quality is something that we don;t mind paying for – so long as you are getting extra for your hard earned cash!

There are lots of ‘me too’ products out there in the world – we try to stay away from those & just hunt down the really fantastic items that we would want to own – then buy them / research them & give you our take on it. That way you can hopefully make a more informed decision as to whether the extra cost of specialness is worth paying.

We don’t sell anything on the site, it’s an information only tool – but we do sometimes provide affiliate links if appropriate from which we may earn a commission.

We won’t spam you with emails or sell on your details in any way shape or form.

We are always looking for guest reviewers that share our way of thinking – if you would like to add a review to our site (or join our team) please get in touch. Maybe you have spent an age searching for something spectacular? Let us know – maybe we should be doing a review on that product which would help others.

Life is a learning process – if we get something wrong please let us know!


Matthew Smith – Managing Director